Exile and Connection

April 29, 2021
@ 7:30 pm ET
May 2, 2021
@ 4 pm ET
Incantare, violins, sackbut & organ

Stories of Jewish Musicians and their Contemporaries in Early Modern Europe
Musicians and musicologists Liza Malamut and Rebecca Cypess, and Incantare

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Following the expulsion of the Jewish population from the Iberian peninsula in the fifteenth century, Jewish musicians resettled in various regions throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. Our story takes as its starting point the rich musical cultures fostered by Jews in early modern Italy and their points of contact with non-Jewish traditions. From there, we touch on the influences of Italian, German, and English music and Jewish culture, highlighting Jewish musicians, the non-Jewish composers they influenced, and composers who inspired innovations in Jewish composition. 

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Note: dates are THURSDAY, April 29, and Sunday, May 2.


Pegasus Early Music group

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