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We are now accepting applications for our Pegasus Rising Young Artists for 2017-2018. If you are a young early musician beginning your professional career, under the age of 30, and would like a chance to perform in Rochester, send us an email at info at pegasusearlymusic dot org. Please submit a 1-3 paragraph proposal for a concert: this could include a snappy title, personnel/instrumentation, repertoire, a few words to explain the program, ideas for presentation, possible venues (if you have any in mind so far), and anything else you think we need to know before agreeing to present you. Please also submit a resume or bio for you and your group or collaborators, and links to audio or video of your performances.

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Meet the Pegasus Rising artists in our opera, Dido & Aeneas!

Chosen by audition, these young singers sang in the chorus and smaller roles, working with our more established singers and the music and stage directors, and generally having a great time getting valuable opera experience.
For more information about our summer opera, click here


About Pegasus Rising

Pegasus has long been engaged with young people, hosting annual student interns from Eastman’s Arts Leadership Program and inviting several young Developing Artists to perform alongside of our experienced roster. Pegasus Rising is a valuable performing opportunity for these young artists not only as musicians, but in their entrepreneurial career building. Rather than being simply hired to perform, Pegasus Rising young virtuosos are actively involved with the entire process of creating their concert, working closely with the Artistic Director as a mentor and using our resources and experience to guide their plans. The musicians are responsible for and learn about audience development, publicity, marketing, and artistic decisions that go into putting on their concert. We’d like to engage a whole new audience with our music. Our young performers offer a bridge into early music for people who like all styles of music. They will show that early music, even though very old, still sounds new!