Early music for modern audiences

Now in our 17th season of world-class performances

Early music for modern audiences

Now in our 17th season of world-class performances

Echoes of Orpheus

We are thrilled to announce our first in-person concert since the beginning of the pandemic!

We’d like to welcome you to Echoes of Orpheus, a new series of concerts in addition to our regular concert series that will happen throughout the next year. Echoes of Orpheus is designed to entice you as we build up to the Summer 2022 production of Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo. We will introduce you to the opera, its characters, our artists and creative team, and Monteverdi’s colorful and evocative soundworld. This is music at the intersection of renaissance and baroque style, and the formation of an entirely new art form, a story in music, or opera.
Join us for an evening of music by Monteverdi, Strozzi, Marini, Cesare, and more.

August 6, 2021 at 7pm
Downtown United Presbyterian Church
121 Fitzhugh St N, Rochester, NY
Admission free, donations in support of the opera welcome.
For everyone’s safety, only those who are fully vaccinated may attend the concert. Masks and sign-in for contact tracing will be required. This is according to venue and CDC guidelines. Thank you!

Laura Heimes, soprano
Boel Gidholm, violin

Ben David Aronson and Liza Malamut, sackbuts
Naomi Gregory, harpsichord
Deborah Fox, theorbo

Thank you!

Your support truly kept us in business during the last season. We are so grateful.


We are happy to be planning again for live performances. Enjoyed the virtual format? Our concerts will be available online as well!  Stay tuned for more information.

Watch our 2020-2021 virtual season!

You can still sit back safely at home and enjoy music from the 16th century to the 21st, including 19th century Romantic music, fiddling, singing, and courtly entertainments; and a presentation about the baroque musical diaspora. Join us free and online!

Our Spring virtual concert series:

Pegasus Rising: Berwick Fiddle Consort

March 5, 2021
@ 7:30 pm ET
June 23, 2021
@ 4 pm ET

“Ayont Yon Glen” The Berwick Fiddle Consort (BFC) is a folk-baroque ensemble made up of musicians who share a passion for both historical performance and fiddle traditions. Violinists Lydia Becker, Julia Connor, Sarah Douglass, and guest lutenist Sebastian Quintero are excited to be part of Pegasus Rising’s upcoming season! Our program will present traditional Scottish, […]

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Brahms from Oz

March 19, 2021
@ 7:30 pm ET
March 21, 2021
@ 4 pm ET

Luscious Romantic works for cello and piano; Daniel Yeadon, cello and Neal Peres Da Costa, piano. The Sydney-based duo will draw on their extensive research to explore the intriguing performance practices of the nineteenth century – expressive portamenti, heavenly rubati and rippling arpeggiandi. Immerse yourself in the uniquely combined sounds of a beautiful antique cello […]

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From a Hall of Mirrors

April 16, 2021
@ 7:30 pm ET
April 18, 2021
@ 4 pm ET

Geoffrey Burgess, oboe, and Leon Schelhase, harpsichord Composers at the French court provided music not only for grand ceremony and opera but also private entertainment. Our program features music of a diversity of styles, with duets for oboe and harpsichord as well as harpsichord solos: from the character sketches of François Couperin’s pièces de clavecin, […]

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Exile and Connection

April 29, 2021
@ 7:30 pm ET
May 2, 2021
@ 4 pm ET

Stories of Jewish Musicians and their Contemporaries in Early Modern Europe Musicians and musicologists Liza Malamut and Rebecca Cypess, and Incantare Following the expulsion of the Jewish population from the Iberian peninsula in the fifteenth century, Jewish musicians resettled in various regions throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. Our story takes as its starting point the […]

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Pegasus Rising: The New Consort: O Stars, Conspiring Against Me

May 27, 2021
@ 7:30 pm ET
May 30, 2021
@ 4 pm ET

The New Consort, Brian Mummert, director Why is it that women in art are so often the ones punished for love? O Stars, Conspiring Against Me is a meditation on women in myth, and how those stories continue to shape the portrayal of women in art to this day. The program is built around the North American […]

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Early Music and Black Lives Matter

At this time, America is literally burning from the inside out, and black people are struggling for their lives after centuries of continued injustice. It will take more than music to heal the outrage, violence, and sorrow of the past weeks and centuries; it will take real work from all of us, including Pegasus.

This is our responsibility. Pegasus, recognizing that early music was largely written by white male Christian Europeans, needs to do more to promote anti-racism and social justice. We will:

  • program more early music by composers of color
  • hire more professional artists of color, and strive to make our Board more diverse
  • engage critically with the cultural and social contexts for our programming
  • redouble our efforts in our Pegasus Rising young artist program to recruit emerging musicians of color who are interested in early music

Although the music that we perform and you love is from centuries ago, we have to remember that we live in the modern world. We, as the Board of Pegasus Early Music and the face of the organization, have much work to do, to stand against racism, recognize unconscious bias, erase disparities, and promote justice. We believe Black Lives Matter, and we support movements for positive change. With our music, we want to offer hope and inspiration, support and strength to all who are suffering in these distressing times.

Deborah Fox, Director
and the Board of Directors

Pegasus Rising

Talented New Artists

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