Barbara's Venice

Barbara’s Venice

September 25, 2016
@ 4 pm ET
Downtown United Presbyterian Church 121 Fitzhugh St N, Rochester, NY 14614

Free pre-concert talk at 3:15pm

Barbara Strozzi was the most prolific composer in mid-17th century Venice; we showcase her unique passionate voice along with music of her male contemporaries. Sacred, secular, vocal and instrumental music by Strozzi, Cavalli, Castello, and others.

We’ll be using some great new editions of the Strozzi works, by Richard Kolb for Cor Donato Editions. Some of the Strozzi pieces we’ll perform are her famous and soulful lament Lagrime Mie; a sacred cantata for alto called In medio maris and dedicated to St. Peter; the duet for soprano and bass Morso e bacio dati in un tempo (Bite and kiss at the same time); and several vocal quartets including L’Usignuolo (the Nightingale). Strozzi’s flexible and expressive musical style may be based on earlier madrigal style but evolved to suit her own personality, We think you’ll be enchanted!

Instrumental pieces by her contemporaries in Venice, music she would most certainly have known, will include a Canzon by Cavalli, the famous opera composer and Strozzi’s own teacher; Sonata 12 from Book 2 of Dario Castello, a musician at St. Mark’s; pieces entitled La Strozza and La Strozzi — possibly in homage to Barbara herself, who knows?– by Cazzati and Legrenzi; and more!

Elena Sloman photography

L-R: Swenberg, Morris, Gidholm, Heimes, Riccardi, Padgett, Fox, Fuchs, Brackett (Elena Sloman Photography)






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