Geoffrey Burgess

Geoffrey Burgess

Geoffrey Burgess has been playing Baroque oboe around the globe for close to thirty years. After initial studies in his hometown Sydney he was awarded a Dutch Government Scholarship to study in The Hague with Ku Ebbinge. He has collaborated with early music groups across Europe, North America and Oceania. In particular, he worked over a twenty-year period with the Paris-based opera company, Les Arts Florissants. This association triggered a passion for French Baroque opera that culminated in a PhD dissertation for Cornell University. His book, The Oboe, written in conjunction with Bruce Haynes, won the prestigious Bessaraboff Prize from the American Musical Instrument Society in 2007. Geoffrey also compiled an award-winning anthology of historic recordings to accompany the book. His own solo CD of music of the Bach Family is distributed by Move Records, and Invocations and Incantations, a compilation of contemporary music with harpischordist Elaine Funaro, features numerous original works written for the duo. Geoffrey presently lives in Philadelphia, and is the Baroque oboe instructor at the Eastman School of Music, and has taught at the Baroque Performance Institute at Oberlin College, and on the faculties of Stony Brook, Duke, Columbia and Case Western Universities.

Pegasus Early Music group

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