Harmony of the Spheres

Harmony of the Spheres

November 8, 2015
@ 4 pm ET
121 North Fitzhugh St, Rochester, NY
Laura Heimes, soprano
David Morris, viola da gamba
Deborah Fox, lutes & theorbo
Daniel Swenberg, lutes & theorbo

Free pre-concert talk at 3:15pm

A themed concert that explores the ancient fascination with the planets and the stars. Music and Astronomy were considered Sister Arts, both having to do with ratio and measurement. The planets themselves were considered to resound with music, and music to reflect cosmological order.┬áLully’s Ballet of the Planets and songs by Purcell, Cavalieri and others explore the Harmony of the Universe and events such as Newton’s Comet. Also┬ápieces for one and two lutes by Vincenzo and Michelagnolo Galilei, father and brother of the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei.


Pegasus Early Music group

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