Garrett Lahr

Garrett Lahr is a freelance trombonist and early musician based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Garrett is in demand across the country as a tenor and bass sackbut specialist; recent engagements include performances with Consortium Carissimi (Minneapolis), Clarion Music Society (New York City), and Cambridge Concentus (Boston). Being equally comfortable in orchestral, jazz, and chamber music settings, he is also in demand as a modern bass trombonist. Recent engagements on bass trombone include regular concerts with the Nova Jazz Orchestra and Saint Paul Civic Symphony, as well as appearances with the Mankato Symphony Orchestra, Compass Rose Brass Ensemble, and Adam Meckler Orchestra, among others.

Garrett holds bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics from the University of Minnesota and University of Northwestern-Saint Paul, respectively. It was during his time at Northwestern that Garrett discovered his passion for music and his interest in historically informed performance. Garrett’s primary teacher on sackbut is Greg Ingles, with whom he continues to study.


Pegasus Early Music group

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