Past Performances

Season One 2005-2006

October 2005: Lots of Lutes: Lutenists Richard Kolb and Deborah Fox perform
duets on an amazing variety of lutes, demonstrating the vitality of the plucked string

January 2006: The Poetic Muse: Laura Heimes, Soprano, Jamie Bobb, harpsichord, Richard Kolb, archlute, Deborah Fox, theorbo. Lute songs, cantatas, and arias for the dramatic yet intimate soprano voice.

May 2006: Pegasus in Italy: The Pegasus String Band (Rachel Evans and Boel Gidholm, violins, Lisa Terry, viol, Deborah Fox and Richard Kolb, lutes) explores the exhilarating virtuoso repertoire of Italian music—Uccellini to Vivaldi– for two violins, two lutes, and cello.

Season Two 2006-2007

October 2006: Have Oboe, Will Travel. Geoffrey Burgess, baroque oboe, with Christel Thielmann, viola da gamba, James Bobb, harpsichord, and Deborah Fox, theorbo. The oboe sings of exotic lands past and present in a concert of baroque music and new Australian music for solo oboe. This concert will combine the old and the new in a most interesting way! Music by Handel, Telemann, Couperin, Edwards, and Cornwell.

December 2006: Pegasus in Love. Colleen Liggett, soprano, Kath Anderson, poet, and Deborah Fox, renaissance lute. A program of Elizabethan lute songs and solos, mingled with love poetry from the 16th to the 21st centuries. Love hasn’t changed much through the centuries, and we explore its rhymes and rhythms with humor, passion, and sensitivity. Music by Dowland and Campion; poetry by Shakespeare, Neruda, Yeats, Lee, and more.

January 2007: Special Event concert: Paul O’Dette. We are privileged to present our own local world-renowned virtuoso in his only Rochester solo appearance this year, co-sponsored with the Music Department of Nazareth College. One performance only, in the new concert space of Linehan Chapel on the Nazareth Campus—acoustically gorgeous, still intimate!

May 2007: La Primavera. Laura Heimes, soprano, Dana Maiben, violin and harpsichord, Deborah Fox, theorbo and baroque guitar. The improvisational sparks will fly in this program of unusual Italian baroque treats for voice and violin. Music by Barbara Strozzi, Quagliati, Monteverdi, Marini, and others.

Season Three 2007-2008

September 2007: Special Event Kristian Bezuidenhout, fortepiano
“Extraordinary and immensely expressive” –Boston Globe This young brilliant pianist already has a pile of awards, honors, and reviews to his name. Recently graduated summa cum laude from The Eastman School of Music, Kristian Bezuidenhout has performed all over the world as recitalist, chamber musician, and soloist with orchestras. He has the gift of making music of the classical era sound spontaneous, new, and exciting.

October, 2007: A European Tour Julie Andrijeski, Rachel Evans, and Boel Gidholm, violins and violas; Lisa Terry, cello and viola da gamba; Deborah Fox and Richard Kolb, lutes
The Pegasus string band takes you on a voyage through Europe, with lively dance music and suites from England, Austria, France, Germany, and Italy.

January, 2008: Italians in the Fountain Court Robert Mealy, violin; Lisa Terry, cello and viola da gamba; William Porter, organ; Deborah Fox, theorbo. Pegasus joins the magnificent baroque organ in a program of Italianate chamber music in the evocative atmosphere of the Fountain Court. Music of Buxtehude, who wasn’t really Italian, and other real Italians of the 17th century! A collaboration with the Eastman School of Music. Concert location is the Memorial Art Gallery.

April, 2008: Myths and Mortals Phillip Anderson, tenor; Colin St. Martin, baroque flute; James Bobb, harpsichord; Deborah Fox, theorbo. The expressive flute and dynamic tenor voice are a warm combination in this program of French and English music. A cantata by Campra to honor the great musician Arion, earthy and divine songs of Purcell, and a variety of character pieces!

Season Four 2008-2009

September 2008: Bohemian Rhapsody: Glorious Baroque Music for Strings and Trumpets. An ensemble of 10 musicians performing music of Germany and Austria; collaboration with NYS Baroque, concerts in Ithaca and Syracuse also.

October 2008: The Three Ladies: Laura Heimes, Nell Snaidas, Hai-Ting Chinn, sopranos; James Bobb, harpsichord, Deborah Fox, Richard Kolb, lutes. Italian 17th century virtuoso music for 3 woman singers—dazzling!

November 2008: Dryden in Music: a special free concert presented in collaboration with University of Rochester’s Humanities Project. Laura Heimes and Bess Philips, sopranos, Jonathan Wetherbee, actor, Rosemary Elliot, cello, James Bobb, harpsichord, Deborah Fox, lute. Music by Purcell, Handel, and others set to texts by John Dryden, as part of the conference “Restoring Dryden: Music, Translation, and Print”.

February 2009: The Lady and Her Echo: Julianne Baird, soprano, Geoffrey Burgess, oboe; Lisa Terry, cello; James Bobb, harpsichord, Deborah Fox, lutes. Music from England, Germany, and Italy written especially for the haunting and divine blend of soprano with oboe.

March 2009: Special Event Mozart Sonatas and Variations: Petra Mullejans, violin, and Kris Bezuidenhout, fortepiano. A recital celebrating the new Harmonia Mundi cd release by this duo, called “scintillating…extraordinarily supple and eloquent” by the Boston Globe. A collaboration with Downtown ArtsLink

May 2009: The Bard and the Bachelor: Brigitt Markusfeld, actress, and Deborah Fox, lute. The complexity and beauty of Shakespeare’s words matched with sublime music for the lute by his contemporaries. An intimate Elizabethan event!

Season Five 2009-2010

September 2009 Elizabeth Wallfisch, violin with Peter Bennet, harpsichord and organ, and Deborah Fox, theorbo. This dynamic English-Australian virtuoso violinist brings a sparkle to everything she plays, which will include Bach (for the first time yet in Pegasus history!) and early 17th century Italian music by Castello, Marini, and Cima.

October 2009: Tears and Triumphs: Music for the Virgin Queen, a collaboration with NYS Baroque Laura Heimes, soprano; Julie Andrijeski, violin; David Morris, Lisa Terry, Heather Miller Lardin and Motomi Igarashi, viols; Deborah Fox, lute. A concert of music for viols, violin, lute, and soprano centered around Dowland’s famous pieces for viol consort and lute solo, Seaven Teares. Dance music for consort, for solo lute, and lute songs also to be included—music by Dowland, Holborne, Byrd, and other Elizabethans.

January 2010: Music and Medicine: Laura Heimes, soprano; Boel Gidholm, violin; Christel Thielmann, viola da gamba; James Bobb, harpsichord; Deborah Fox, lutes. A chamber music concert with Pegasus artists celebrating Rochester’s medical community, and exploring the programmatic intersections of music and medicine. Program will include selections such as the Marais Gall Bladder Operation, Purcell’s Mad Bess, and other works dealing with the humors, madness, and assorted illnesses.

May 2010: Characters of the Dance: Paige Whitley-Baugess, baroque dancer, and an ensemble of 6 players, directed by Julie Andrijeski, violin. Program to include French dances such as Chaconne by Lully, Airs by Campra, Entrée Espagnole, Menuet, La Matelotte, and a Commedia dell’Arte Suite to music by Schmeltzer. A public dance workshop was offered to go along with this concert.

Season Six 2010-2011

October 2010: An English Treasury: Laura Heimes, soprano; Deborah Fox, lute and theorbo. There is nothing as intimate as the lute song; soprano Laura Heimes and lutenist Deborah Fox paired up for a special program of English music including Dowland, Lawes, Lanier, Purcell.

November 2010: Ciaconna! Elizabeth Wallfisch, violin; Rachel Evans, Boel Gidholm, violins; Christopher Haritatos, cello; Michael Beattie, harpsichord; Deborah Fox, theorbo and guitar. Elizabeth Wallfisch, charismatic violinist, returned in an ensemble program for strings, lutes, and harpsichord. We explored the virtuosic repertoire of several countries, in a program based on the hypnotic musical forms of passacalle, chaconne, and follias.

February 2011: Paul O’Dette, lute. A solo recital by this local musical icon and world-renowned celebrity, with music of Dowland and Bachelar, Elizabethan England’s virtuosos.

March 2011: Terpsicore: Laura Heimes, soprano and José Lemos, countertenor
Julie Andrijeski, Francesca Tortorello, Tracy Cowart, Elena Mullins, Lauren Cooper, dancers;
Scott Metcalfe, Boel Gidholm, violins; Peter Bucknell, viola; Christopher Haritatos, cello; Heather Miller Lardin, bass; Geoffrey Burgess, Owen Watkins, oboes and recorders; Deborah Fox, theorbo; Leon Schelhase, harpsichord. Handel’s Terpsicore (the self-contained Prologue to his opera Il Pastor Fido) as reconstructed by baroque dancer Julie Andrijeski, paired with Handel arias and duets for soprano Laura Heimes and countertenor José Lemos. With historical dance ensemble Ensemble Forlana, and an orchestra of winds and strings led by Scott Metcalfe, violin.

Season Seven: 2011-2012

June 2011: Kristian Bezuidenhout, fortepiano. Since he graduated from the Eastman School of Music, this young fortepianist has been making a huge musical splash world-wide. In preparation for a new recording, Kris presented an all-Mozart program.

October 2011: Pegasus in Spain Laura Heimes, soprano; Christa Patton, harp; Lisa Terry, Heather Lardin, and David Morris, viols; Deborah Fox, lute/vihuela/guitar. A program of of Spanish medieval, renaissance and Baroque music. Dances, romanzas, villancicos, and tonos humanos- colorful, rarely-heard music evoking both Moorish and European influence.

December 2011: Libby & Bach Elizabeth Wallfisch, violin; Rachel Evans, Boel Gidholm, Molly Werts, violins; Boel Gidholm, viola; Christopher Haritatos, cello; Heather Miller Lardin, bass; Michael Beattie, harpsichord; Deborah Fox, theorbo. A look at the life of Bach through his music, with readings, and a concert of concertos, chamber music, and solo violin, with the Pegasus String Band.

February 2012: Fioritura: Concertos for the Chamber Steven Zohn, flute; Aldo Abreu, recorder; Jennifer Roig-Francoli, violin; Gonzalo Ruiz, oboe; Anna Marsh, bassoon; Christopher Haritatos, cello; Deborah Fox, theorbo; Michael Beattie, harpsichord. These colorfully scored virtuoso concertos blur the lines between chamber and orchestral music, requiring each player to shift between solo and accompanimental roles. Our program featured favorites from Fioritura’s debut CD and several works new to the ensemble, with music by Vivaldi, Telemann, Boismortier, and others.

May 2012: Songs of Love and War Laura Heimes, soprano; Sumner Thompson and Aaron
Sheehan, tenors; Steven Hrycelak, bass; Julie Andrijeski and Boel Gidholm, violins; Dan Elyar, viola; Christa Patton, harp; Adam Pearl, harpsichord; Deborah Fox, theorbo; Heather Miller Lardin, violone; David Morris, cello/lirone. The drama of love and war, war in love, and love as war! The music of Claudio Monteverdi will be featured in this concert of 17th Century Italian music– a time of experimentation in early Baroque style. Our program included the dramatic Combattimento and the beautiful Lamento de la Ninfa.


Season Eight: 2012-2013

October 2012: Apollo & Dafne Laura Heimes, soprano, and Jesse Blumberg, baritone; Julie Andrijeski, Boel Gidholm, violins; Dan Elyar, viola; David Morris, cello/gamba; Heather Miller Lardin, bass; Debra Nagy, Geoffrey Burgess, oboes; Stephanie Corwin, bassoon; Deborah Fox, theorbo; Leon Schelhase, harpsichord. Handel’s dramatic cantata tells the story of the Sun God enamored with the nymph Dafne;  also Handel’s Tra le Fiamme and an orchestral suite by Telemann.

November 2012: The English Cavaliers Dongmyung Ahn and Daniel S. Lee, violins; Lisa Terry and Beverly Au, viols; Deborah Fox and Daniel Swenberg, theorbos  English music in pairs—2 violins, 2 viols, 2 theorboes. Sublime and unusual instrumental music by William Lawes, Cavalier to the King, and other 17th century English composers.

January 2013: Voices of the Muse Laura Heimes, soprano, and José Lemos, countertenor; Scott Metcalfe, Boel Gidholm, violins;  Emily Walhout, cello/lirone; Deborah Fox, theorbo; Christa Patton, harp; Michael Beattie, harpsichord. The baroque origins of Italian opera, with spine-tingling, virtuosic, heart-rending arias, duets, and instrumental music by Barbara Strozzi, Francesco Cavalli, Alessandro Scarlatti, and others.

February 2013: Mystery Sonatas Elizabeth Wallfisch, violin; Michael Beattie, harpsichord/organ; Deborah Fox, theorbo; Heather Miller Lardin, violone; Lee Wright, reader. Franz Ignaz Biber’s exquisite Rosary, or Mystery, Sonatas.

April 2013: Zappa+Zappa Kathryn Montoya, recorder and oboe; Geoffrey Burgess, oboe; Boel Gidholm, violin; Stephanie Corwin, bassoon; Christopher Haritatos, cello; Deborah Fox, theorbo. A new chamber work for baroque instruments by Rochester composer Richard Scott, based on music of rock icon Frank Zappa, paired with music by 18th century composers Francesco Zappa and Jan Dismas Zelenka—3 Z’s!


Season Nine: 2013-2014

September 2013: The Virtuoso Orchestra Julie AndrijeskiBoel GidholmKarina SchmitzCynthia BlackMary Riccardi, violins; Dan Elyar, viola; David Morris, cello; Tracy Mortimore, violone; Leon Schelhase, harpsichord; Deborah Fox, theorbo; Anna Marsh, bassoon. Music of Durante, Vivaldi, and others, to celebrate our own virtuoso orchestra! Concerti grossi for strings and a special treat, a Vivaldi bassoon concerto.

November 2013: A Woman’s World Laura Heimes, soprano; Dongmyung Ahn, Daniel Lee, violins; Emily Walhout, gamba; Michael Beattie, harpsichord; Deborah Fox, theorbo. Women composers in the baroque were professionals, nuns, entrepreneurs, travelers, and courtiers. Music of Barbara Strozzi, Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, Francesca Caccini, Isabella Leonarda, and other unusual women of the era.

March 2014: Paul O’Dette, lute Described as “the clearest case of genius ever to touch his instrument”, this world-renowned lutenist takes time out of his international touring schedule to make a rare Rochester hometown appearance. Music of Bach and Weiss.

March 2014: Buxtehude: Membra Jesu Nostri Laura Heimes, Shari Alise Wilson, sopranos; José Lemos, countertenor; Dann Coakwell, tenor; Steven Hrycelak, bass; Dongmyung Ahn, Boel Gidholm, violins; David Morris, Zoe Weiss, gambas; Heather Miller Lardin, violone; Michael Beattie, organ; Deborah Fox, theorbo. A masterpiece of sacred music, this cycle of seven cantatas is beautiful and inspirational.

April 2014: Ironwood plays Brahms Robin Wilson, Rachael Beesley, violins; Nicole Forsyth, viola; Daniel Yeadon, cello; Neal Peres da Costa, fortepiano. Ironwood, the acclaimed period-instrument chamber ensemble from Australia, brings new luster to the music of Brahms. Their program includes the beloved f minor piano quintet and the g minor piano quartet.


Season Ten 2014-2015

October 2014: Io Vidi in Terra  Italian music for the virtuoso singer: music of Ferrari, Monteverdi, Merula, Strozzi, and Petrarch’s sonnet Io Vidi in Terra set by Gagliano.
José Lemos, countertenor; Jory Vinikour, harpsichord; Deborah Fox, theorbo

November 2014: Pepys’ Pajamas  English music from the 17th century, with reference to the diaries of Samuel Pepys. A Lawes harp consort, songs by Lanier, a sonata by Enrico Butler, Playford dance tunes.
Laura Heimes, soprano; Christa Patton, harp; Boel Gidholm, violin; Lisa Terry, viol; Deborah Fox, theorbo

December 2014: Goldbergs  Bach’s Goldberg Variations, performed by a master. Part of the Bach330 International Celebrations. Jory Vinikour, harpsichord

February 2015: On the Road  A string band tour of 17th century Europe, with stops in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, and England. We will include Biber’s sonata for two viola d’amores, a most special instrument!
Julie Andrijeski, Boel Gidholm, violins; Paul Miller, Dan Elyar, violas d’amore; David Morris, cello; J. Tracy Mortimore, violone; Deborah Fox, Daniel Swenberg, theorbos/guitars

April 2015: Monteverdi Vespers of 1610  This celebrated masterpiece of music is unparalleled for beauty, musical vision, and grandeur. A rare event for Rochester! With open rehearsal.
Paul O’Dette, conductor
and 24 of the country’s finest musicians: 9 singers, 5 brass, 3 lutes, 6 strings, organ

Season Eleven 2015-2016

September 2015: French Café Troubadour melodies, dance tunes, and courtly love songs of medieval and renaissance France. José Lemos, countertenor
; Dongmyung Ahn, vielle & rebec;
Christa Patton, harp, bagpipe, & recorder
; Deborah Fox, lute

November 2015: Harmony of the Spheres An exploration of the Sister Arts of Music and Astronomy. Laura Heimes, soprano; 
David Morris, viol and lirone
; Deborah Fox and Dan Swenberg, lutes

December 2015: Cambini and Bilson Classic repertoire! Quintets of Mozart and Beethoven on period instruments with an international roster of artists. Malcolm Bilson, fortepiano; 
Geoffrey Burgess, oboe
; Eric Hoeprich, clarinet
; Todd Williams, horn
; Marc Vallon, bassoon

February 2016: The Sun King Imagine yourself in the intimate chambers of Louis XIV…. Music by the Sun King’s favorites, composed for his private concerts. PLUS a special screening of Tous les Matins du Monde at the Dryden, Feb.11, 8pm, with a live music introduction. Show your Sun King ticket at the door and receive a Dryden Members discount. Music by Marais, Couperin, Jacquet de la Guerre, and others. Laura Heimes, soprano; 
Steven Zohn, flute; 
Vita Wallace, violin
; Lisa Terry, viola da gamba; 
Deborah Fox, theorbo
; Michael Beattie, harpsichord
; Peggy Murray, historical dancer

April 2016: Libby’s Four Seasons Libby Wallfisch returns with her joyful approach to music-making—Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and other works for virtuoso baroque orchestra. Boel Gidholm and Mary Riccardi, violins; Paul Miller, viola; Christopher Haritatos, cello; Joelle Morton, bass; Michael Beattie, harpsichord; Deborah Fox, theorbo; and the incomparable Libby Wallfisch!