2015-2016 11th season

French Café: September 27, 2015
Medieval and renaissance French music: troubadors, trouveres, chanteurs  
José Lemos, countertenor
Dongmyung Ahn, vielle and rebec
Christa Patton, harp and recorder
Deborah Fox, lute

Harmony of the Spheres: November 8, 2015
An exploration of the Sister Arts of Music and Astronomy  
Laura Heimes, soprano
David Morris, viol and lirone
Deborah Fox and Dan Swenberg, lutes

Cambini and Bezuidenhout: Dec. 6, 2015
Rare repertoire! Wind quintets of Mozart and Beethoven on period instruments with an international roster of artists.  
Kristian Bezuidenhout, fortepiano
Geoffrey Burgess, oboe
Eric Hoeprich, clarinet
Todd Williams, horn
Marc Vallon, bassoon

The Sun King: Feb. 14, 2016  
Imagine yourself in the intimate chambers of Louis XIV…. Music by the Sun King’s favorites, composed for his private concerts. Music by Marais, Campra, Couperin, deViseé, Jacquet de la Guerre, and others.
Laura Heimes, soprano
Steven Zohn, flute
Vita Wallace, violin
Lisa Terry, viola da gamba
Deborah Fox, theorbo

Libby’s Four Seasons: April 3, 2016
Elizabeth Wallfisch, violin, returns with her joyful approach to music-making—Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and other works for virtuoso baroque orchestra.

Information on tickets and venues coming soon!